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Association des Parents

About the Parents Association

In the European School system, the Parents Associations (PA) play a key role in providing services such as transport, after-school activities and day care and canteen management.

The PA is also an essential element to represent the interests of your children, as we are the interface between parents, the school management, the various school committees and the Board of Governors (which manages all European schools).

The subscription to this association will ensure that you fully benefit from this teamwork. Membership of the Parents Association is voluntary and open to all parents whose children attend the European School of Mol; but note that all parents whose children use the Association’s bus services and/or day care have to be enrolled as members.

You can always contact any member of our Committee if you have questions.

English is the main working language in the Parents Association meetings and internal communications, but do feel free to contact us in Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Norwegian, Spanish or Swedish should you feel more comfortable in any one of these languages.

The cheapest, fastest and most practical means of communication for us to contact you is by email. Please make sure that the Parents Association has your most recent email address and most important of all that, when registering your children at the school, you give permission to the school to transmit your contact details to us.