Ecole Secondaire: +32 (0) 14 563 103

Primaire et Maternelle: +32 (0)14 563 180


Our school was established in 1960 for the benefit of the children of the members of the European Commission personnel.

However, since that date, our school has also welcomed children from many other European or overseas families who live and work in the area. Every day, buses bring pupils from as far away as Antwerp and Eindhoven.

Our school has four linguistic sections: a German, English, French and a Dutch-speaking Section.

All pupils prepare for the European Baccalaureate. They take this examination at the end of the seventh year, and the diploma is recognised in all European Universities and in many Universities overseas. Our school does not prepare for any national examination, but the curriculum has been designed so that pupils may, at any stage and without difficulty, go back to their national system.