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Booklist for school year 2017-2018

Please only buy books for the subjects you take. If a subject is not on the list you do not need to buy a book for that subject; the teacher will inform you in September.

We are currently preparing the book lists for 2018-2019.

Where can you buy your school books?

1. You can order your books at any online shop such as or amazon.
2. You can buy second hand books from students on July 7th from 11h until 12h30 in the Domus. Some books will be available for free – don’t miss it!
3. Standaard Boekhandel delivers your books to school before the first school day.

  • You can order your books online at the Standaard Boekhandel Pakketservice:
    Step 1: create an account (Registratie). Your school code is uGguXhW4WkqyurY
    Step 2: Click on the link in the e-mail you receive and log in
    Step 3: Select ‘Nieuwe Bestelling’ and tick the box ‘Ik heb bovenstaande meldingen gelezen’
    Step 4: choose your books
    Step 5: Give your permission for payment. The books are only payed after the books are delivered.
  • You can go to any Standaard Boekhandel shop. There you can ask for help ordering books.


  • Students of year 1-3 need this calculator: Texas Instruments TI-Collège Plus
  • Students of year 4-7 need this calculator: TI-nspire CAS CX
    Order this calculator at The login for the order is TQ15.

Do you have questions?
Please contact the librarian,
014/56 31 25
Out of office from July 13th until August 25th