Secondary: +32 (0) 14 563 103

Nursery/Primary: +32 (0)14 563 180

Medical service

The medical team has two school doctors, Dr. Andreas Verbeke and Dr. Sophie Kransfeld and one school nurse, Mrs Yoke Moortgat.

You can find us in the building of the primary school. The school nurse is present during school hours; the school doctor on Tuesday afternoon.

What do we do?

  • Medical consultations
    • General medical examinations: new students, nursery school (4/5/6 years of age), all pupils of year 1 and year 5 year of the primary school and all students of year 2 and year 4 of the secondary school.
    • Selective examinations for special problems
    • Individual examinations on the demand of the pupil, the parents or the school
  • Vaccinations
  • Advice

You can contact us for all kinds of problems: hygiene, health, teeth, safety etc. We will always try to find a solution; if necessary we will contact other services.

All contact with the medical team is confidential