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The curriculum

The main process in school is a child’s development. In the Nursery cycle the key which opens the door to a child’s development is the Early Education Curriculum .

The core content of this curriculum consists of four areas, Me and my body, Me as a person, Me and the others and Me and the world. Every area has three dimensions, Learning to be, Learning to live with others and Learning to do and to know. All are based on the objective of learning.

The teaching and learning in the early years is holistic and the different areas of development are not separated – the objectives and content of the children’s development are incorporated into different pedagogical activities and structured play. The opportunity to be exposed to different languages and cultures from an early age offers both advantages and complex challenges to children’s learning and development.

All the processes are in place in order to support parents as their child’s prime educators and to ensure they develop into active and conscientious citizens. Good relations between the pedagogical team of the school and the parents, as well as their active and constructive involvement in the life of the school helps to promote a learning community in which young children engage positively with school staff and their peers.

Besides parents and teachers, the teaching assistants play an important role in supporting children on their development and teachers in their work. An assistant is appointed to a class with a sufficient number of pupils.

The learning outcomes are observed on daily basis, the individual development is monitored, assessed and evaluated with the active participation of a child and the support of the parents.

The development of the child

Teachers teach children according to their individual abilities and needs. Evaluation highlights possible difficulties at an early stage so they may be dealt with in cooperation with teachers, parents and relevant experts. Children are active participants in the process of their evaluation.

Parents complete the ‘ entry developmental profile’ together with their child when they arrive in the European school. Each child has a Portfolio. It is a wide collection of selected work of the child, records of self-assessment and teacher’s assessment over a period of time. The portfolio is shared with parents twice a year, during the Christmas and Summer holidays. It then returns back to school.
Teachers fill in the ‘Record of children’s development’ twice a year, in October and May. This record reflects the progress children have made.
In November all parents are invited to a meeting with the teacher where information about the child’s development is shared. In June parents of eldest Nursery children will be invited to discuss the transition to Primary school. Parents are welcome to ask for a meeting with the class teacher at any time they feel the need to talk about their child.