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The primary school has a vast choice of fiction and non-fiction books which is complemented and updated yearly in English, French, Dutch and German. Appreciation for books starts at an early age and pupils are encouraged to borrow weekly up to three books to read in their classroom or at home. All pupils are accompanied to the library by their class teacher; this is part of the pedagogic programme. Teachers can take books from the library e.g. to make a display or a reader’s corner in their classroom. There is also a small selection of educational games that teachers borrow from the library to use in the classroom.

The running of the library is assisted by a group of parents (volunteers) to whom the school is very grateful. They help the class teachers during the library hours of the different classes, they put the new books into the computer system, they take care of the maintenance of the existing books; they decorate and make displays.

Lost & Found

There are two “Lost and found” areas in the Primary school – in the Infirmary and in the corridor to the right off the main hall; and one in the gym, where sports and swimming wear is temporary kept. Pupils and parents are invited to check them from time to time.

Parents are advised to mark all clothes and other items easily lost, such as textbooks, lunch boxes, jackets, pullovers, hats, sportswear etc. with their children’s names.

Valuable objects, such as glasses, keys, wallets, etc. will be left in the secretariat office situated next to the Director's office.

The School is not responsible for the loss of objects (whether they are valuable or not) brought to School by children.

Lost clothes not claimed by their owners by July, will be given to charity.