Secondary: +32 (0) 14 563 103

Nursery/Primary: +32 (0)14 563 180

School Day

Daily schedule

Monday 8.30hrs – 13.30 hrs
Tuesday and Thursday 8.30hrs – 16.15 hrs
Wednesday and Friday 8.30hrs – 12.30 hrs

Arrival in the morning

Parents are welcome to accompany their children into the Nursery between 8.10hrs and 8.30hrs. Bags are to be left in the corridor cloakroom area, parents say goodbye, and the children go outside to play where there is a teacher on duty supervising. At 8.30hrs the teachers take the children to their classroom.
N.B. If you are late please make sure your child joins the group quietly so the class activity is not disturbed.


Parents provide a healthy snack and drink for the midmornings and the afternoons of Tuesday and Thursday.

After school

Parents/carers are kindly requested to wait outside the Nursery building until the doors are opened. The children get ready to go home with coats, bags, etc. and remain in the classroom with the teacher until they are collected by their parent/carer. A teacher on duty rounds up the children for the bus and the children for the Garderie are collected. As these children leave, the doors will open for parents/carers to enter and pick up their children. At the end of the schoolday, children are not allowed to play in the courtyard or the hall even if they are supervised by an adult. We appreciate when parents inform the School when they are not able to pick up their child on time by calling +32 (0)14 563 180 (Primary School secretary).
Please inform the teacher in writing when your child is picked up by somebody else than usual.


The Nursery school has a dining area where the pupils have their lunch. The parents provide a packed lunch or buy a hot lunch from the canteen. The class assistants together with someone from the canteen serve the hot lunch. For more information please visit the website: Canteen.