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Technological developments in the 21st century have given rise to profound changes in society, transforming how we firstly, access and process information, secondly, communicate with others and lastly, work and solve problems. Our approach to teaching and learning at ES Mol acknowledges that inquiry and problem solving contribute to students’ development of thinking skills and strategies that will equip them to face the rapidly changing world and thus prepares them to make this journey by introducing them to ICT as early as in kindergarten and supporting their involvement with ICT right through the primary and secondary school.

Even though we are blessed with a large green forested area within which our school is nestled, internet and wifi is available in practically all the buildings. Nearly all of the classrooms are equipped with a computer, a projector and an interactive Smart board. The gym also has the use of an interactive projector. We have three computer labs in the secondary school that are dedicated for teaching of ICT and for the use by other subject teachers to enhance the learning and research capabilities of their students. The computers have Windows 7, MS Office 2010, access to Google maps, chemistry modelling software, GIS (Geographical information system) software, ARCGIS, TWIG World and Edumedia- animations for sciences, among other programs easily accessible for both students and teachers. The school has a well-equipped conference and in-service training centre and a multi-functional presentation, conference and examination room with a capacity of between 120 and 300 people for the different purposes.

Adapting our pedagogy to reflect shifts in new and emerging technology, all teachers and the pupils have their own computer account, personal space on the server and their own e-mail accounts, which can also be accessed from home using webmail.

Keeping in mind that technology provides the means and the context to help students become skillful in problem solving, appreciate the role of technology and social media in everyday life and society and respond critically and responsibly to real‑life challenges, school allows students to have access to wifi on their personal i-Pads, laptops or smartphones at all times. Students have access to the computers in the library and computer rooms under supervision during break times and in the library during their free lessons. Furthermore, communication via the new School Management System allows for a reliable and effective way for the school to communicate with the parents. It allows parents to monitor their child’s progress, view their report card online and get alerts from school administration.

The school offers ongoing professional training opportunities for the staff regularly and a full time ICT support staff skilled in network management, hardware and software issues are also available at all times.