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Nursery/Primary: +32 (0)14 563 180


The school library has a wide range of excellent chemistry books, too.


2 laboratories intended exclusively for experimentations (one is more for biology and the other for physic and chemistry, but this division is not exclusive).
3 classrooms equipped to carry out practical work with all the class.(tables with water, electricity, gas)
5 classrooms with side equipment for conducting demonstration experiment.


The school has all the necessary equipment needed for the teaching of biology (microscopes, binocular loupes, collection of microscopic preparations, electrophoresis tanks, audiovisual equipment, models of organs and cells, glassware, chemicals, ...)

Audiovisual media pedagogical

The school has two subscriptions to websites entertainment and educational video specifically dedicated to science (Twig and EduMedia)
The library subscribes to several scientific journals.
Besides the ‘normal’ equipment for chemistry to perform the key experiments for chemistry and the chemical compounds you use for those experiments our labs are equipped with:
  • model gas chromatographs
  • TLC equipment
  • electronic balances
  • computer based equipment for data logging and measurements sets for estimating the water quality (different ions, Oxygen), environmental parameter (humidity, light, ..)
  • model fuel cell
  • an excellent photometer
  • and other equipment for special experiments and mostly for demonstration purposes.