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School Day

Lessons start at 8.30 in the morning except for Wednesday when the first lesson begins at 8.25. When pupils arrive at the school, they should go to the school yard from the bus stop, the car parks or the the bicycle shelters. Until the first bell pupils can stay in the courtyard or in the entrance hall, but they are not allowed to proceed to the classrooms. When the first bell rings (at 8.25, but at 820 on Wednesdays), pupils should proceed immediately to their classrooms where the teachers will be waiting for them. The lessons start when the second bell rings. The names of absentees are electronically registered at the beginning of each lesson. The school day ends at 4.15 p.m. (at 12.35 on Wednesdays). There are no lessons in the afternoon on Wednesdays. From 13.30 to 15.00 extracurricular activities or learning support lessons may be organised. A bus of ‘De Lijn’ will leave the school at 15.30 and bring the pupils to the train station in Mol arriving at 15.38.

The time schedule for the lessons can be followed in the chart below. There is a short break after the 3rd lesson and the sixth period is the general Lunch break. Nevertheless, pupils are allowed to have an ‘early lunch’ if they have a free lesson in the 5th period. During the breaks pupils are under the supervision of the teachers in the courtyard, in the canteen, in the gyms and in the sports grounds. Pupils in general stay in school for the entire school day unless they have permission from their parents to have lunch at home and receive from the school a green student card. (For more detailed information on breaks, supervision and student cards consult the School Regulations.)

6th period: lunch break
Period Start End Period Start End
1. 8.30 9.15 1. 8.25 9.10
2. 9.20 10.05 2. 9.15 10.00
3. 10.10 10.55 3. 10.05 10.50
Break Break
4. 11.15 12.00 4. 11.00 11.45
5. 12.05 12.50 5. 11.50 12.35
6. 12.55 13.40
7. 13.50 14.35
8. 14.40 15.25
9. 15.30 16.15