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Transition to Secondary

A specific transition programme has been developed that gives the necessary information on all differences to be faced when the pupils switch from the more sheltered life in the Primary cycle to the more independent life in the Secondary cycle.

The Deputy Director of the Secondary Cycle will organise a meeting with pupils and another one with parents to answer their questions.

The class teachers of the future classes of the 1st year of secondary cycle will take up contact with their future pupils at the end of the school year. Pupils of the 5th year primary visit the secondary school classrooms. A whole 5th year class visits the secondary school. They are given a special timetable for a half day or a whole day. In this timetable Language I, Language II, Mathematics and either Human Sciences or Integrated Sciences are included. They also take part in Art and Music lessons. A tour of the secondary school is also offered to the pupils of the 5th year primary. A class teacher of the 1st year secondary will show them the library, computer rooms, laboratories, study rooms, language support room, counselling and career’s guidance centre. Later on they will meet the management and receive information about: lesson times, punctuality, classrooms, resources, homework, photocopies, lockers, cleanliness, and other practical issues. They will also have the opportunity of making any questions.

Primary year 5 pupils are also invited to many events organised for Secondary pupils such as the school cross (a running competition by year groups), the Christmas concert, the Music evening, theatre visits and the Sports day.

To celebrate the end of the Primary cycle the School will organise an official ceremony during which an admission certificate will be handed out to the pupils of 5th year promoted to the 1st year of Secondary cycle. Parents are invited.

The transition programme continues in year 1 of the secondary with the learning to learn programme. During a number of study periods our educational advisors and the librarian of the secondary school help the pupils to get more organized, giving them good advice for the use of their agenda, schoolbag, locker, etc. In the next stage they focus on various skills like developing language skills (reading, listening, writing and speaking), memory training, association skills, etc.