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The PA organises bus transport in order to create a possibility for pupils, living at a major distance from the school, to come to the European School Mol every day, safe and sane. Only children whose parents are members of the Parents Association may use the bus.

Routes and bus stops

The bus route is determined by the following factors:

  • safety of the route
  • The shortest possible average journey per pupil, taking the cost into consideration.

Bus stops are decided upon annually by the member of the P.A.-Board in charge of the transport in consultation with the school. Each bus follows a timetable with a departure time allocated to each bus stop. A bus will not leave a bus stop before the prescribed time, unless all the known pupils for that bus stop are already in the bus. The transport committee will transmit a list of pupils and bus stops to the Bus Company.

To prevent delays, pupils must arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes before the time of departure.

Parents who transport their children to and from a bus stop are responsible for the smooth running of this. They must stand on the side of the road where the bus will stop and ensure that the child does not unexpectedly cross the road.


Parents are responsible for their children's behaviour during the journey.

Parents accept responsibility and liability from the moment their child boards the bus, until the child has left the bus, and the bus has left the bus stop.

Financial aspects

The bus transport is not subsided by any institution. As a consequence, the parents accept responsibility for paying the bus fees.

These fees are fixed annually by the Transport Committee.