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Primaire et Maternelle: +32 (0)14 563 180

Une Journée d'école


All the practical rules are to be interpreted following the spirit of the Code of conduct.

Cycle primaire
années 1 et 2 années 3, 4 et 5
lun mar, jeu mer, ven lun, mar, jeu mer, ven
1 08:30-9:15 08:30-9:15 08:30-9:15 08:30-9:15 08:30-9:15
2 9:15-10:00 9:15-10:00 9:15-10:00 9:15-10:00 9:15-10:00
3 10:15-11:00 10:15-11:00 10:15-11:00 10:15-11:00 10:15-11:00
4 11:00-11:45 11:00-11:45 11:00-11:45 11:00-11:45 11:00-11:45
5 repas/ recréation 12:00-12:30 repas/ recréation 11:45-12:30
6 13:00-13:30 13:00-13:45


For the smooth running of our school and the well-being of your child(ren), we kindly ask you to respect the traffic rules which are part of the school’s practical rules. You can find them on our web-site .

    We particularly want to draw your attention to:

  • The place you choose to stop your car : please make sure that it is a parking space and that your car will not obstruct other cars or buses, even temporarily, so that the traffic can flow smoothly and children can move safely;
  • The length of time you occupy a parking space : please limit this strictly to the time necessary for your children to leave the car safely, so that other parents are also able to drop off their chil-dren.

Pupils and parents are expected to use only the secured areas (footpath and zebra crossings) for walking. Running through or over the parking area can lead to unsafe situations.

Pupils are welcome at school between 8:10 and 8:25 A.M . For safety reasons it is strongly recom-mended that parents bring their child(ren) to school between the times indicated. Please note that supervision starts from 8:10 onwards. If the child(ren) arrive(s) at school earlier than 8:10 or are to remain in school after school hours, without going to the Parents Association’s day-care, monitoring child(ren) remain(s) the responsibility of the parents.

In the case of pupil’s absence from the school, parents inform the Nursery and Primary Cycles sec-retary of the absence of their child from 08:00 AM by phone +32(0)14 56 31 80 or by e-mail: . If the absence lasts longer than two days, the parents are asked to bring a medi-cal certificate to the secretary.

Please note that no absences will be granted the week preceding and the week following the school holidays.

Reception hours

Parents who would like to know more about the progress or conduct of their children can meet the teachers by appointments, in order to avoid unnecessary waiting.

Pupils’ personal property and valuables on school premises.

  • The school is not responsible for personal objects and valuables (jewellery, mobile phones, Tablet computers etc.) brought to school.
  • Please note that mobile phones are only allowed to be used after school hours when necessary. For emergencies, pupils can ask the secretary to contact their parents. Parents can pass a message to their child(ren) by contacting the secretary by phone on +32(0)14 56 31 80.
  • There are two “Lost and found” areas in the Primary school – in the Infirmary and in the corridor to the right off the main hall; and one in the gym, where sports and swimming wear is temporary kept.
  • All clothes and other items easily lost, such as textbooks, lunch boxes, jackets, pullovers, hats, sportswear etc. should be marked with the name of the owner.


Beginning of the school day in the Primary Cycle

  • When I arrive at school, I leave my school bag(s) in the designated area in the Primary main hall or in the corridor to the right.
  • I go to the playground of Years 1&2 before the school day starts.
  • The bell goes at 8:25 AM. Years 3-5 enter to the building and line up in the main hall at the area reserved for their class. Year 1&2 pupils line up in the playground at the points reserved for their class at 8:30 AM. The teachers are there to guide pupils to their classroom or activity.


  • I listen to instructions first time, I avoid repeated reminders.
  • I walk quietly and calmly when moving around the school area.
  • I eat or drink inside premises only if permitted by the teacher.
  • I always ask a teacher’s permission to go to the school’s nurse when I feel ill.

Break-time (10:00-10:15/ 14:30-14:45 on long days)

  • I leave the classroom at break times.
  • I ask for assistance of the teacher on duty, if any problem occurs during break time.
  • I do not play in the toilets.
  • I use the play equipment properly and put it back after use.
  • Only soft balls are suitable to play with on the playground. I know that games need to be played fairly and without exclusion.
  • During playtime, I stay within the agreed boundaries of the playground.
  • I can play, run, jump, sing but I do not play dangerous games.
  • During playtime, if I need to, I go to the toilet and I take a drink.
  • I can have a healthy snack and drink brought from home and I avoid creating excessive waste.
  • At the end of playtime, I stop playing as soon as I hear the bell, and I line up and wait for my teacher.

Lunch-time rules

  • I always walk calmly to the canteen and inside the canteen building.
  • I take off my hat, coat, or jacket before entering the dining hall and hang them up in the cloak-room. I do not deliberately pull coats off hooks or walk over coats on the ground.
  • I queue properly without pushing or jumping the queue when waiting for a hot meal.
  • I stay seated while eating my meal and I tidy up my table when finished.
  • I bring to school only healthy food in my lunch box (if not having hot lunch in the canteen) and I avoid creating excessive waste.
  • I do not waste nor play with food.
  • I use appropriate cutlery for my meal.
  • I do not leave the canteen before 12:15 and not before the supervising teacher says I can leave.
  • I act respectfully towards others and care about others.
  • On return from the canteen or from the playground, I put my lunch box into the allocated place in the hall.
  • When I go to second language lessons or European Hours lessons, I can leave my bag in the cor-ridor outside that room before I go to the playground or to lunch.

Forest rules

  • I go to the forest after lunch with the teacher on duty.
  • I am not allowed to leave the forest area without permission from a supervising teacher.
  • When in the forest, I use only those toilets.
  • I can play, run, jump, sing but I do not play dangerous games.
  • I do not take any objects to the forest.
  • I do not play in the toilets. I only go to the toilet when I need to. Play areas are in the forest.
  • I play in the areas that are secured and not cordoned off.
  • For safety reasons I do not climb on trees and I respect the natural environment.
  • When the bell rings it means that the playtime is over and I therefore immediately leave the for-est and go to the playground/ main hall to line up with my classmates where my teacher will guide us to our class or activity.
  • During wet lunch playtimes I stay indoors and the supervising teachers organise activities in the designated rooms.

At the end of the school day there are 3 possibilities

  • When I take the bus: I go to the bus stop using secured area.
  • When I go to day care: I go to the day-care centre immediately.
  • When I leave with my parents: I leave the building through the main entrance only and wait for my parents in front of the Primary building.

Whenever I go, I respect the same rules as during school time.
When I miss the bus or my parents are late, I ask for assistance from the secretary or the teacher on duty.